City of Genk

How do I get to Genk?

Genk is very easy to reach, whether by car or public transport. You will find full details on the How to reach Genk page.

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Where can I park?

If you do decide to come to Genk by car, you will have no difficulty parking.

  • There are plenty of free parking places located centrally and in the most popular commercial areas. All are within walking distance of the centre and you can park for an unlimited period.  
  • If you prefer to park closer to the centre, then head for one of the underground pay car parks. This is the cheapest solution for those wanting to park in the centre for a longer period. 

Most meeting and conference venues in Genk have plenty of free parking. If you would like more information about this, please contact the venue itself or ask us. 

Where can I find more information about what Genk has to offer tourists?

Full details of tourist attractions, events, shops, etc. are to be found on the Visit Genk page.

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